TAYLOR TALENT REELS ACTING PROGRAM was designed to provide hands-on education to our students so they can begin their professional acting journey from day one, develop their craft as actors and build .


As a student you're not only learning in a class environment, you're also learning while acting on set and in professionally produced projects. Project that you can use to attach to your resume and demo reel. Our goal is to make sure you're fully prepared to begin your acting career and this means not only the training but also the materials needed to start your journey.




Acting technique, dissecting a script, scene study, and auditioning for casting directors will all be (re) visited. The underlying purpose of this program is to produce business literate actors.


 Whether or not you book a role, the goal is to be short-listed to the producer's/director's/writer's/casting's "must-work-with" list. You will do this when you bring your most powerful, expressive, and imaginative self. Auditon Etiquette is an INVESTMENT in your career.

LYNDSEY B' mission is to prepare you for a career as an actor, with an emphasis on Television, Film and Streaming Services. 

Her Focus will be on the Fundamentals of Acting and Audition Etiquette.

This training caters to the beginners, intermediates, and advanced, since the strengthening of the actors' foundation is priority. 

*Currently this is an online class due to the COV-19 epidemic. All material and resources you need will be downloadable.


This course Darion will teach you the importance of understanding your character type, learn how to create you own characters(s), learn basic screenwriting, Story Development, Character Development & Producing. For your final assignment, you will be given the opportunity to take what you have written off the pages of your screenplay and onto the screen. 


Understanding the correct way to use  your  is  definitely something that Actors should be taking seriously before heading in for auditions and castings. You can be talented, but if You don't know how to present Yourself by speaking up and allowing Your audience hear that you can take the stage with confidence, it will make it nearly impossible to make it. Simple as that. 

Christina Bjørn, is your Voice Technique Instructor. In her course she will teach you how to get in contact with your unique 'vocal appearance. How to get a powerful voice without shouting - finding your depth and strength.  How to connect tone of voice with a specific role and be able to play around confidently. How to get in touch with your emotions through your voice only. How to read a script correctly. How to pronounce words differently to make different meanings. What do you want people to remember you for after a casting. How voiceover acting itself can be a lucrative alternative income to "real" acting, to sustain yourself financially. How to breathe and stand correctly when speaking, doing a voice over or reading an audio book.



We set the stage, fine-tuning your strategy and image, so the right people follow along.



We produce or elevate your content with creativity so it’s relevant and resonates with your audience.


As an Actor it's monumental to have someone help you not only visualize your goals but also help you physically manifest those goals through a plan that they helped you create as well as work that they have created for you.


I’m forever grateful for the team at

Taylor Talent Reels and advise any actor who is serious about there career to join the team at Taylor Talent Reels and let them help them the same way they continue to help me.

- Donavain Campbell

I always enjoy working with Darion and his team at Taylor Talent Reels. To have someone believe in you enough to create content specifically for you, there’s no better feeling for an Actor.


I encourage more actors to sign up for a consultation with Taylor Talent Reels and watch how they help you create a path that makes visualizing your dreams foreseeable.

- Candis Francis

I was lucky enough to work with Darion and his team. It was an absolute dream! He made the set feel so professional and yet so much fun at the same time. I really felt like we were all working together to

make something super cool. He always encouraged my choices as an actor and let me really play with the role. I can’t wait for my next project with them all!

- Della Atherton

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