Traits of an Actorprenuer

The Actors/Actresses of this decade aren’t afraid to put themselves out there.

They take to their social media and online outlets to build their brand and their fan base. They write, direct and produce their own projects. They call their own shots, not just merely sit on the sideline waiting for a manager or agent to acknowledge them or a casting director to finally giving them their first chance. They rely on business principles, strategies and techniques to obtain success. They adapt an Entrepreneurial mindset mixed with their passion for Acting. They understand that to have success they need to be ACTORPRENUERS.

The benefits of being your own boss aside from the fact that you're the one who calls the shots is the traits that you must adapt to be an entrepreneur and what those traits help to develop within you physically and mentally.

Being an Actor is no different.

As an Actor you are the owner of your own business.

You are an Actorprenuer. To be a successful actor there are traits that you must acquire, traits based on discipline, mental development, craft, study and a lot of hours put into work.

I've listed a few traits that I feel one need to have in order to be a successful Actorprenuer


BUDGET IQ - its very important to create a budget and stick to it if you want to be financially successful as an Actorprenuer. Remember to create a budget that allows you to see growth financially at a minimum of 10 percent. It is also important to create a budget that tracks each dollar you spend as it is the ones that come in.

Financial security can free your mind to think about other important things such as steps you need to take in acting.

Nothing weighs you down more than worrying about financial stability.

It's also very motivating to see yourself getting closer to the financial goals you've created for yourself and at the same time can be good practice for when the big money starts coming in. A great book to read or download audibly is "The Compound Effect by Daren Hardy.

CONFIDENCE - Out of all of the traits, confidence can be the main one that leads you toward successful increase. Confidence is an invisible force that can fill a room and quietly influence those around to take notice of you. This is something every Actorprenuer need especially because of all the auditioning and performing in front of others that is involved.

FOCUS - The business Acting just like any other business can bring along a lot of distraction. it is up to you to block out a lot of these distractions by focusing on the things that are moving you toward your goals and lining up with success.

PASSION - You can't grow as an Actorpreneur without having a passion for acting.

WILLINGNESS TO LEARN - As an Actorpreneur you need to have a willingness to continue learning. Learning creates experiences and crafts that help you along your journey of Self Development.

DISCIPLINE - The thing I hear the most talked about from successful Actorprenuers that was critical for them when they started their acting journey was discipline. Discipline teaches you to adapt the type of work ethic that makes you take your work serious. Discipline makes you create the type of schedule that it takes to help you obtain your goals. Discipline helps you to take control of your career by blocking those negative traits that can be harmful to your career.


- If you’ve read books like Think and Grow Rich or the Secret you’ll hear them hint about the secret to success, I’m not here to spoil what that secret is and would encourage you to still read the books but this last point won’t make sense without the spoiler and that spoiler is that the secret to success is to never give up until you’ve obtained your success.

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