A woman confronts her cheating boyfriend and gives him an unexpected message.

SARA sits on the couch staring toward MARK who apparently is staring back.

Niether of them are talking. Sara looks annoyed.


So you called me just so we can stare at each other or at some point are you gonna start talking?


No, nevermind, I know what, I’m gonna talk and you’re gonna listen I forgive you & I’ll tell you why. You were never my first choice, in fact, the fact that we stayed together so long was unpredictable. You have to understand, A woman... a smart woman which I am when looking for the man she chooses forever with goes for the safe choice, the man who’s less likely to cheat, the man who’s financially stable, the man who’s going to take care of her & provide for her kids, the man who’s going to either teach those kids to be financially stable adults or teach them to make the smart choice. You were never going to be that man, you were always the opposite.

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