The Recruiter

A man in search for a job answers a job post just to find out it was created by an Army Recruiter.


Nicholas is sitting in chair waiting, he spies the desk in front of him, he sees MILITARY PAMPHLETS and ENLISTMENT PAPERS. His sense of curiosity has now turned into suspicion.

Moments later a RECRUITER dressed in Military outfit enters.

Nicholas stands.


There’s been some mistake, I didn’t know I was answering a military enlistment....


Hold up a minute. I wasn’t being facetious when I put out the add, this still is an interview so that I can qualify you to see if you are what we’re looking for.


Well let me make your job a little easier, I’m not.

Nicholas hastily makes his exodus toward the door.


Now hold up one minute sir, I’m not trying to force you to do anything, I’m just trying to help you, I see boys like you everyday, new graduates who find there not really prepared for the real world, find they can’t get a proper paying job, find themselves on an endless search to find themselves. All I’m trying to do is give you an end to that search.

The Recruiter hands Nicholas the enlistment form and brochure.

RECRUITER (cont’d)

I’m just asking you to think about your options.

Nicholas grabs brochure and form. The seeds of curiosity begins to surface.

He give the Recruiter a nod and makes his way toward the exit.

Written by Darion Taylor

Holding on to Memories is a Romantic drama story about a couple who share a love that refuses to die even if one of them has.

The book is written in script form and is perfect for the Actor looking to work on their craft by memorizing and performing scenes. The book is also full of scenes that can be used to practice monologues that you can use for auditions.

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