The Outsider


Sebastion and Michelle sit on his bed talking.

A loner with a physical ailment explains what helps him feel connected to those who alienate him.


I got into photography because I was always the outsider observing others

doing what it is I wish I could do. I know the rumors, I hear the things people

say about me, I know that I'm the outsider, what they don't know is what makes

me the outsider. It's not me or even them that makes me who I am but my disability.

And believe me I know all about each of and everyone of them. I know more about

them then they know about me. I watch them not cuz I'm dangerous but they say you

observe the things you admire. The beach, the sand, the ocean and even

them. I don't admire there things but the things that they do. Run on the beach,

swim for hours in the ocean, take in as much beach air as they want not having to

worry about the breaths they take. I'd love to go a day running in the sand, or

swimming in the ocean, and just pushing myself til I'm out of breath, going a day

without my inhaler and just breathing.



I was born two months premature and my lungs didn't fully develop correctly.

As long as I could remember I was hooked up to machines to aid me in my

breathing. As I got older my lungs got stronger but I still have complications.

I don't think I've ever gone a day without having to use my inhaler at least

once. That's the reason I sit at the beach taking in its beauty, instead of

actually interacting with it. Though at times I wish it was me, I'm not envious,

on the contrary, I enjoy watching those who can.

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