The Decision

In this dramatic Monologue, an undercover detective has to choose whether to go back undercover knowing that by doing so he'll lose his family because of his absence or stay a civilian and allow a serial killer to destroy even more families through cold blooded murder.


I’ve been throwing up blood for the last few hours trying to figure out what decision to make. By accepting to sign this I know for certain that this time I’ll lose my family completely. But me not taking this case could result in more daughters, mothers and wives being separated from there families.

Its a Dilemma that no man should have to choose. Especially a black

man... better a black father. Knowing that you’re directly putting your son in the same

category as most of the peers around him that see so many black sons and daughters grow up with out their fathers.

Most of our community would call the opposite an abnormality but to me its parental blasphemy, the unforgivable sin.

Download this Monologue here.

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