I am often get asked by people what is the first thing they should do when beginning career as an actor, and the answer I give them is to find an Acting Class to learn the fundamentals of acting.

This should be done before spending money on headshots or even looking for an Agent.

Having the desire to act, getting all the proper audition materials and beginning to self-submit yourself for auditions does no good if you get into the room and the Casting Director learns that acting wise you’re no good. One thing Casting Directors hate is having their time waisted and most don’t forget. So why would you put yourself in a position where you make a horrible audition your first impression?

Telling the CD that you’re nervous because it's your first time auditioning doesn’t help you gain forgiveness or sympathy, it just reiterates something that they already know and are already annoyed by.

Take the time to at least learn the basics before completely diving into the acting pool, test the waters and learn how to stay a float, don't let impulse lead you into a very shallow situation. Your goal is to make it to the deep end of your acting pursuits.

If you live in Los Angeles you’ll find that there are just about as many acting classes as there are Starbucks, some even across from each other on the same street same as Starbucks. Some will even allow you to audit their classes before making you make a full decision to enroll that way you can self discover for yourself if it is the right investment.

Acting classes aren’t cheap but what you’ll find in your journey as an actor is that in regards to the career you've chosen there’s not much out there that is,

everything comes with a cost...

But Acting classes are very necessary if you plan on having a successful career as an actor and the benefits that come from the training you receive, you can't put a price on.

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