Perfect Time

A Man's best friend tries to help him get over his cold feet hours before he's supposed to get married.


JASON sits on the stairs. He’s wearing Tuxedo. MICHAEL enters to discover him there.


You don’t wanna be late to your own wedding? That’s the brides job. Kidding but we do have to go. You ready.




Good. Everyone’s waiting in the car.

Michael starts to walk away.



Michael turns back around.


Remember our first road trip. I wanted to go the day right after I got my license. I remember you told me there was no rush and that we should wait until you got more experience being on the road before making such a long trip. But I convinced you it was the perfect time and gonna be the perfect trip. I said when things look perfect you don’t wait. Then not even an hour out on the road we get into an accident.


Why you bringing this up now, maybe you should save it for one of your drunken toast speeches.


You knew it. You knew something would go wrong. If I had’ve just waited like you said maybe that trip would’ve been perfect. And maybe if I listen to you now when you tell me maybe I should wait a bit longer before I marry Melanie maybe I can stop history from repeating.

Michael takes a deep breath.


Scoot over.

He sits down next to Jason.


If you recall its was me being a loud mouth obnoxious back seat driver that distracted you from looking at the road that caused you to get into that accident. If I had have just sit back and trusted you enough to make the decisions you knew were right behind the wheel the trip would’ve been perfect. In my lifetime I’ve only witnessed one couple who I’d say had the perfect relationship, that was your mom and dad. I can honestly say I’d never seen anything like the relationship they shared before meeting them or after, that was until I saw the way you and Melanie interact. That girl loves you and I know you love her. No two people had better timing of meeting each other than the two of you. When you told me you met the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, I didn’t tell you, you should wait because I didn’t think you all were ready. Its was because I could foresee the amazing journey you all were going to have together and I was afraid it meant it the end of our adventures. But I’m not about to allow history to repeat by being loud and obnoxious, this time I’m gonna sit back and trust you enough to know that you’re make the decision.

The two hug.


I love you man. This commitment you’re about to make. You’re gonna make me the happiest best man.

The two of them laugh.

Micheal gets up. Jason gets up and the two of them exit the house.


Shot gun.


What you mean Shot gun? The Car’s a two seater and you’re driving.


Download the scripted version of this scene by clicking this link

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