Dramatic Monologue about a Man who reflects on his life's most pivotal moment.


I used to have this mentor. I met him when I first moved to town. He was an older Italian fellow named Mel. He was real cool and down to earth. He owned this diner close this playground I used to hang at so I was there often. I really looke up to him, he became like a father to me, I mean we bonded quick, mostly because he’d always hook me up with free burgers and malts, but we really got close after he told me he knew my dad. I never knew my dad and my mother and even his own parents which we stayed with didn’t like to talk about him. The only stories I’d ever hear about him came from Mel.


It was actually at Mel’s when I first saw her. Her name was Sabrina. She was Pureto Rican, 5’5 beautiful brown eyes. I saw her through the window, she was on her bike, just sitting there. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Seeing her caught me off guard and I admit I was so filled with so many nerves that I couldn’t move, all I could do is sit there hoping she’d look my way, you know just lock eyes, give me a reason to say something to her. But she never did. Next thing I know Mel is sliding me two malts and telling me “there’s nothing like a cold malt on a hot day like this to break the ice”. That was one of the good things about Mel, he was really perceptive and tended to alway be around when you really needed him.

Beat. He reflects.

Anway...He was right, it did break the ice and from that moment me an her were inseperable for the rest of the summer. Even her and Mel became close, he even gave her, her first job working for him at the diner. At the time none of us knew just how close. There would still be a whole half of a year left before the news would shock us all.


Nick’s face becomes very solomn.

By the time I made it to the diner to confront him, her brother, who wasn’t only my bestfriend but the biggest gangster in the neighborhood, he was there waiting to confront me. Apparently he was the first to discover their secret, walking into her room unannounced and seeing her holding a pregnancy test. Knowing that the diner was the best place to find me, he got there a few minutes before I did.


His mouth becomes heavy. His mind flutters with thoughts.

Those next few moments after come and go in fragments, I guess its my minds was of protecting me from the trauma. But from what I can recall. I remember seeing the gun, then I remember hearing Sabrina’s voice yelling it’s not his, it’s Mels.


I ended up surviving the experience but I was never the same afterwards. There’s something to say about the grief that comes from feeling betrayed. And my betrayl came threefold. First by the girl I was in love with, next by the friend who once called me his brother but mostly by the man, who I considered more than a mentor but a father.

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