It All Starts With You

I"When you visualize internally it will manifest and have an equal effect."

It is this simple..

It Starts With You

When you #visualize internally it will manifest and have an equal external effect.

What this means is that how you see yourself and how you see the world

when you produce thoughts create the transformation that’s

happening to you daily as well as creates the world around you. That is

because your #subconscious and your conscience are one in the same. It

isn’t until we learn to control our thoughts that we gain to the control

over ourselves and live completely. There are three important steps

that we need to take in order to start this process.

The first is identifying the negatives. What are the things around you

that bring upon negative thoughts, identify them. I know its been said

that we should focus on the positive and not the negative but if our

conscience and subconscience are really the same and we can’t know

the difference, how do you eliminate negative if you don’t know it is a


Second, by identifying these negatives, you can now work on the fix.

The way you work on the fix is by asking yourself what it is that you

need or what would need to happen in order to remove these negative



Every month around the end of the month you get sick to

your stomach with stress because you know that in a few days your

rent it due and you know theres a chain of other bills shortly to follow.

You’re barley scraping by if at all because you either don’t know how

you’re going to pay these bills or because you know you can’t pay

them. With this you’ve identified that it is the lack of money you have

to pay your bills that bring on the negative thoughts. With this

knowledge now you can identify what you would need to eliminate this


Of course we all know the answer and that would be money -

sounds simple, I know. But it is just the beginning of this step. Knowing

that if you had more than enough money to pay your bills and live

comfortably, you would no longer be effected negatively s the month

ends your next step is to think about the money you desire. Think about

a set dollar amount, not just enough to cover your bills but the amount

you would need to live comfortably even after paying your bills.

Now look further, Imagine yourself having that money, your bills are

paid and you don’t have to worry about trying to get ready for the next

round the following month or the month afterwards. Now think of what

this new amount of money would allow you to do. Really think about

what I is that you would be doing knowing you had the money to do it,

what would it be. What would it entail. Describe every aspect of it

down to the tiniest detail. Doing this brings upon the next step

important step in this process which is…


By visualizing the things we want and desire, we begin to plant pictures

in our heads, these pictures become things, these things subconsciously

that begin to transform us and have to ability to manifest outward

transformation equal to that which is internal. At the same time we are

replacing a negative with a positive. We are also creating a habit once

we apply this to all the negative aspects of our lives.

When you as an actor begin to practice visualization your are also sharpening your skills, because acting is visualization when you take on a role, you are creating another person as well as the world around them, their thoughts, their thought patterns, etc.

As an actor, you are met with many things that can produce

negative thoughts, rejections from auditions, seeing others doing what

you’ve dreamt of doing, the struggle of financial stability from either

waiting on your next gig or not booking any gigs, the thought of can you

call youself a working actor if you’re not working, also the fear of

having to start over, go back to where you came from and look and feel

like a failure, the thought of having to pick a career other than acting.

What ever things that apply that cause you to think negatively when it

come to moving forward with your career you need to replace this with


You need to identify these negatives and what brings them forth, then you need to ask yourself what you need to change in order for you the change these things.

Next you need to begin to visualize yourself having that change happen, how

it makes you feel and describe what it is that you will be doing now

instead of having to worry. You need to visualize down to the smallest

detail of what it is.

E.G. I booked a series regular job on a new Fox series that is its number

1 show airing at the number one time slot. I’ve also booked a Marvel

Franchise movie that guarantees me working for the next seven years.

Each day I drive to the lot in my chrome blue Tesla _ compact, part in

my reserved spot, sign a few autographs while I make my way to the

soundstage for rehearsal and principle photography. Etc. etc. etc. What

clothes are you wearing, which house are you arriving from, the one in

#Malibu or Hollywood Hills?

The reason other than visualization of why I tell you to list these things

like the house, the series regular job, the car is because these things are

all part of the 3rd part of the step is…

Setting Goals

Setting goals is the same as creating a plan and I know you’ve heard

that without failing to create a plan is a plan to fail. We all have

motivations behind the things that we do either positive or negative.

We all also want positive outcomes with our lives. That what goals are,

they are a list of positives outcomes we want to manifest in our lives.

Each individual need to list what positive outcomes they want to

achieve in order to begin achieving them. They need to visualize what

the achievement of these outcomes would mean to them. How these

outcomes transform both them as well as the world around them. How

it changes their thoughts, how obtaining these outcomes truly make

them the masters of their universe e.g. take control over yourself


You are an actor, you were born to inspire through your craft, that

inspiration may be for others or for self, what ever the reason is, you

were born to achieve it but though it is your birth right, no one is going

to hand it to you, IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!

Once you realize this, identify your negatives to turn them positive

through visualization of obtaining your positive outcomes and create a

plan in which to do so (Goals) you will understand how your internal

beliefs can outwardly lead you to the success you want to achieve.




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