Introducing Faith

In this comedic short Cruise is looking for a roommate, in his search he finds Faith who makes him question the validity of her sanctity.


Cruise sits across from Faith.


Tell me a little about yourself.


Mondays are my Fridays, Fridays are my Sundays, Sundays are my Mondays, My favorite color’s purple, I’ll take begonias over roses, I’ll take candy from a stranger before I accept an apple from an old lady. I like Unicorns but am afraid of Ponys, I like horror movies for they’re knowledge but hate Halloween for its desensitization and if I had to choose brothers I’d go with St. Valentine over St. Patrick. Other then that I’m a pretty liberal person.

Cruise judging her sanity doesn’t know what to say.


...Ok. Well as for me, I own a small Multi Media Company, mostly helping companies with media production, media and social media marketing and advertising. Most of my work is done over the computer so I tend to work from home.


I work from home to, I’m an Artist.


Oh really? So what do you do? What type of art.



He waits for her to elaborate. She doesn’t.


Ok... so, do you have any questions for me?


No I think everything sounds great.

He smiles courteously.


How about you? You have any more questions for me.


Actually, yeah, when you were describing yourself you said something about not liking Pony’s, choosing brothers and something about not liking Halloween, I didn’t understand.


Right well. Halloween is just desensitizing us all so we’re unprepared for the Monster Apocalypse where as movies were created and designed as

(using her fingers as Italics)

Entertainment to inadvertently teach us how to fight back. St. Valentine set us up with the possibilities of indulging on love. Where in his brother St. Patrick green with envy gave us the idealogy to indulge alcohol so that we all share in his loneliness and his delusions that love doesn’t really exist. And as far as Pony’s go, I just don’t trust any living thing that wasn’t designed to grow up.


Where’d you read all of this?


The internet. So it has to be true.


Right. Well I appreciate you coming down and looking at the place. It wouldn’t be fare to the other applicants if I just went with the first person before extending to them the same opportunity.

Faith’s Spunky personality dials down a beat as she reads the rejection, she tries to mask it with a smile, its still settled in her eyes and countenance.


Sure, yeah it wouldn’t be.

Cruise walks her to the door.


But I have your information and will definitely keep you posted on everything.

She exits. Turns back to face him one last time.



He gestures with another curtesy smile.

As he’s attempting to close the door he notices her pick up her suitcases.

He’s flushed with guilt.



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