Ghost Writer tells the story of Thomas Cast, a homicide journalist haunted by his work.


I don’t sleep much, horrific images haunt my dreams so I choose to stay

up most nights. Sometimes nights on end. I think the longest I’ve ever

been awake is... approximately 120 hours.

Its because of my profession. I write about ghost. Not the same way as

like a Steven King or a Clive Barker. My ghost stories are all non fiction.

I work for the times. My job is to write about homicides. In order to

write about homicides you have to do a lot of research, you have to

do a lot of interviews same as a detective would. You have to look

at crime photos of lacerated bodies, obliterated faces and other

morbid fatalities. Sometimes you have to visit the morgue. The more

research, the more descriptive the better the article will be and in my

profession you’re only as good as your last article. Anyways those

images and all that information gets cluttered together

Up here in my mind. Its like an editor who spends all day piecing together a

movie scene. Once he clocks out and goes home those images don’t

automatically stop playing in his head. Neither do mine.

Look. Just over your shoulder where the light of the hall meets the dark of

the room. He's come to visit with us. The subject of my latest article.

Hello friend. There's no need to lurk, I'm Thomas and this here is my young associate Mr. Harris. You'll find us very welcoming. No, no take my seat. Yes here, you'll find it more comfortable.

Your eyes. I see they have fixated upon my collages of pictures. They are men such as yourself. They too visited me upon their transition. They've trusted me the same as you'll learn to trust me to tell their final story through their words.

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