Do You Want an Acting Job or an Acting Career

You may look at a Job and a Career as one in the same but the truth is that they’re not the same and have a lot of traits that make them different. The best example I’ve heard that defines and differentiates the two is that a job can be looked at as a GRIND where as a Career is looked at as a JOURNEY.

If your plan is to be an Actor a great question to ask yourself is why you want to be an actor?

A Second question and a very important one which you may or may not realize you’ve answered with question one is, Do you want to have an Acting Job or an Acting Career.

I hope you’ve picked Career because a career an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life with the opportunity for progress. If you’ve chosen to be an actor then you’ve chosen to follow a path that is going to take up a significant amount of time where most of the journey is progression.

Lets explore some of the differences between a Job and a Career than lets talk about things you can do as an Actor to differentiate yourself.


What motivates a job is the salary. The importance of money is the key factor

What motivates a Career is reward, the key factors are experience, knowledge and fulfilment


A person wanting only a only does what that job requires where as the traits of a person wanting a career goes over and above what is required, which is to say that they do more than what is asked of them. For example, the person seeking a career will sign themselves up for special training and will work to master the skills necessary to move up the latter.

More traits of a person wanting a job is contentment. They’re satisfied with where they’re at and have no intentions on changing their status.

The traits of a person wanting the career on the other hand is ambitious and never content with where they are currently. They're motivated on reaching the next level followed by the next and so on and so forth.

A Job may require little to no specialized training, but a career requires constant training, adaptation and growth.

Now lets look at some of the things you as an actor can do to distinguish yourself as a Career Actor

1. Create a plan that will take a minimum of a decade to accomplish

List the things you wish to accomplish along your journey, adding milestones along the way

2. List the things that you choose to do in order to accomplish these milestones

3. Work every day at those things you’ve chosen

4. Study your craft, work to improve your craft

5. Adapt the motivations and the traits of a career person and apply it toward’s your career as an Actor

In closing, the thing to keep in mind is that the difference between what you want and don’t want to accomplish is the way you approach it, this includes mindset, action, implementation

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