My Grandfather grew up on an Augusta Ranch in Georgia in the early 1920’s. In 1935 at the age of 11 his parents gave him up for apprenticeship to the wealthiest man in the county who happened to be a suit maker. It was under this apprenticeship that he said his values changed. He was raised to adopt the belief that the most important thing you could be given in life was your image, so it was important the way you looked because it was important what it was people saw when they looked at you.

My Grandfather was never promised money or a chance at a higher education for the years that he had given this suit maker for his service, but what he was promised was that on his 18th birthday he’d be given one of the finest suits any man had ever laid his eyes on. To this my Grandfather was more than appreciative because the suit maker had many fine suits. My Grandfather did in deed gain wealth as well as a degree in higher education, which he accredits to the confidence of his adopted thinking in regards to image. Always making sure he worked hard enough to make anyone who saw him, see what it was he wanted them to see.

The second he accredits to the finest of suit personally tailored and made for him as promised by the suit maker. The suit he wore under his gown while giving his valedictorian speech at his graduation. The same suit he wore to his meeting with the Stanford Business Recruiter. The same suit he wore to the investment meeting where he was given the loan to start his own company. Even the same suit he wore on his first date and finally wedding day.

Out of all his accomplishments the thing my Grandfather valued more than anything else in this world was this suit. This suit that I was raised to hold with the same respect as the Vatican. The same respect as a Patriarch, Prince or Politician. this suit I’m wearing, the thing I was raised to be most proud to inherit from my dying Grandfather who in his original will asked to be buried in it.

Did you know that you could research a thousand different careers and out of 90 percent the highest trait to have is confidence? I did, so needless to say, today I evoked the spirit of my grandfather and walked into that recruiters office with my esteem high, wearing this same suit that had given my grandfather so much confidence and success, only to be told by that recruiter that this suit make me look like a Rube and if I wanted a job in this profession or even taken seriously, that I need to burn this suit and buy one that paints me with a light of dignity and professionalism.

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