As a Client of Taylor Talent Reels, you will get the opportunity to meet some very influential people in the industry. 

Guest and guest speakers will attend our monthly workshops or just lecture nights and tell their story and journey towards where they are today in their careers.


These guest speakers are people with experience first hand in the industry whether it's acting, instructing, etc. that will bring you value to your own journey towards your dream goal. its a great opportunity to network with actors and other people in the industry.


Imagine being able to see your audition and have the casting director tell you what they liked and what you need to improve?


How helpful would that be while preparing for your next audition.


If you’ve never watched yourself perform on video you’re missing out on a great opportunity to self-critique and help improve your craft.


It helps you to see the things you need to work on, things like facial and body movement, looking confident verses acting like you're looking confident, technical aspects of your performance, your voice, your speech.


Remember that the prepared actor never fails, they learn and improve. Watching yourself perform is another tool that helps lead to improvement.

As previously mentioned at the boot camp click this link to purchase your audition and critique for only 350DK