$250 AN HOUR


In order to begin auditioning you need a professional Headshot.

We provide you with headshots specific to the character types and roles in order for your picture to catch the eyes of the casting Director and increase your chances of booking more audition

Produced Scenes

for Reel

Need professionally produced scenes for your reel? We staff professional writers and filmmakers who can assist you with creating the perfect scene(s) to showcase your acting.

PACKAGE 1 - 1 SCENE -    $1000

PACKAGE 2 - 2 SCENES - $1200

PACKAGE 3 - 3 SCENES  -$1500


Only $50.00

Bring Personality to your headshots through the use of a Slateshot. The purpose of the Slateshot is to give Casting Directors an opportunity to see and hear what you look and sound like. 



We can create small 30 to 60-second cinematic scenes that you can use to showcase your acting, perfect for building up your reel in between projects.

PACKAGE 1 - 1 SCENE -    $325

PACKAGE 2 - 2 SCENES - $500

PACKAGE 3 - 3 SCENES  -$700

Self Tape Solutions

Only $25 AN HOUR


Self Tapes are a great solution for the actor who needs to submit an audition and can't make it to an in person Casting.

 Let us help you shoot and submit your self tape. If you have a reader great, if not we can also assist with that too.



Demo Reel Edit

Only $200

We can take care of your demo reel editing needs whether those needs are to recut an existing reel or update your reel using new footage. Our service is less than $100 and our turn around time for most edits are between 3-5 days.

Simply send us your footage via email, wetranser, dropbox, direct link, etc. 

Please make sure your format is mp4 or mov. Please include all files in one link.

If you need seperate reels, e.g. dramatic, comedic, etc. please submit them seperately. 

Each additional reel if submitted at the time of the first reel will only be $50 each.




Only $25.00

We can help you format your resume to the right dimensions and margins, as well as update your resume to reflect your most recent work, education, training, and skills.



Only $100 - AN HOUR


Have an upcoming audition or a role you need help preparing for? Schedule a session with one of our Acting Coaches.


Call: 323 351 8259