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Imagine walking into an audition room and feeling confident that you already booked the role...

With the proper training, materials, and most importantly the right strategy…. you can!


Here is how it works..


We help you figure out your character types to determine the types of roles you’ll be called in for most by casting directors in order to create a strategy to help your casting materials catch the eyes of casting directors so that you book more auditions.


Sign up for our 1 Year Acting School Alternative Program designed to prepare you to for a life of acting. The emphasis of this program is to teach you Acting Techniques that help you evolve into a consistently working Actor, as well as provide you with a clear understanding on how to navigate the business side of your Acting Career. Unlike most Acting Schools, your learning is hands on and we guarantee you'll be eligible to begin working by the completion of your core classes. 


Option 2, sign up for individual Trainings where you can choose from several different training courses, for example, learning proper audition etiquette, deeper understanding or your character roles, set preparation, or learn the business side of acting.

Services for actors

There are certain things every actor needs inside their tool kit to look more professional.  Headshots, Produced Scenes for Demo Reel,  Demo Reel Editing, Slate Shots, Resume Formatting, and more.



Learning producing from an actors perspective in order to begin creating content for yourself and or others. With so many streaming companies now in our industry as well as Search engine sites such as Netflix & Vimeo there are more opportunities than ever for actors to take their careers into their own hands and seize the day. We are hear to educate and offer you assistance.  

Client Love

Kate Durocher

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Darion and Taylor Talent Reels for numerous shoots and I can't say enough about how great the experience was. Darion is kind, professional and easy to work with. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. The company provides a ton of great services that any talent can benefit from! I highly recommend working with them!​

- Kate Durocher